Green Tara Gallery

We are an art gallery based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Green Tara Art Gallery believes that culture is an important component of development.

Green Tara is called Samaya Tara, the goddess of wisdom. The word Tara means the one who saves.

The word Tara is derived from the root tri meaning to cross and in context is taken to mean the one who helps people to cross the Ocean of Existence and Suffering.

Green Tara is also called 'dark' Tara or more directly Shyama Tara. Green Tara is associated with the Amoghasiddhi who is also green and the north-facing Meditation who is head of the active family.

Her willingness to help others is shown by her body posture with one foot ready so that she can rise to offer assistance.

Like WhiteTara, she was born of the tears of compassion of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, resulting from the extreme state of sadness he experienced when observing the continuing ceaseless suffering which he sought to end.

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